About Toper Coffee Academy

Why Coffee Academy ?

Although considered as the most-consumed social beverage, there are plenty of unknown topics or misinformation about coffee.

Coffee undergoes several processes of each one requiring accuracy and expertise from beans to cup.

Like every field of interest, information, quality factors, production and process techniques about coffee also develop and change.

Toper Kahve Akademisi

Toper Coffee Academy was founded to meet the requirements of never-ending knowledge about coffee and sharing the information thereof by the reputable specialized SCAE system.

Needs of Turkey, Middle East and Africa

Toper Kahve Akademisi

Before Toper, there was no institute providing a specialized training for coffee in our region of prime importance for world coffee.

There was a great need of world class coffee training in this region from where coffee was spread to the world and intensely produced.

The role and the special culture of Turkey in coffee history took the opening of this academy in Turkey as our duty.

Toper, with this academy, transferred his experiences, coming from the coffee training in Canada, Taiwan and China, to Turkey.

SCAE and Toper experience

Toper roasts and grinds coffee in 132 countries in 5 continents for more than half a century.

Toper's experience of global climate conditions, product ranges, bean types and coffee consumption habits grows and develops day by day.

SCAE, as being one of the most-respected speciality union in coffee industry, practices programs for coffee training, quality development and communication.

Toper Kahve Akademisi

Toper Coffee Academy brings Toper speciality and SCAE official training programs together.

By means of this co-operation, the students of Toper Coffee Academy are awarded with a respectful SCAE diploma at the end of the day.


Toper Coffee Academy

Education is given by the world famous coffee masters among the authorized trainers of SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) and by Toper masters who are authorized by SCAE.

You will get up-to-date information of our guest trainers, speciality topics and training programs on our website.

For whom the academy matters ?

Toper Kahve Akademisi

This training is very important for barista and barista candidates, coffee bean traders, coffee quality specialists, coffee plant owners, every person and company dealing with roasting and grinding, shortly for all in coffee business.

Students having a successful training are better prepared for international barista competitions and more easily employed in coffee business.