About SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe)

Toper is a member of SCAE and SCAA.
He adopts, follows and supports the principles regarding fair trade of coffee, protection and development of the coffee quality.

For coffee excellence

SCAE is a trade association working for the excellence in coffee and coffee societies by supporting the innovations, inventions, researches, training and communications.

SCAE, having members in more than 70 countries rather than in Europe, is represented in 35 countries.

World famous authority

SCAE is a world-wide authority known by international organizations.

Together with the SCAA, SCAE represents the speciality sector on the ICO’s (International Coffee Organization) Private Sector Consultative Board.

SCAE and SCAA take positions to defend coffee quality and to ensure a fair deal for everyone, and remove poor quality coffee from the world market.

Importance of training

SCAE aims everyone, working in and/or dealing with coffee business in the world, to be educated in the best standards.

Training and diploma system developed in accord with this purpose provides everyone, from a coffee master to an employer, to be well-educated.

Conferences, exhibitions and workshops

SCAE staged the first World Specialty Coffee Conference and Exhibition in Monte Carlo in 2000. Since then, SCAE is holding events in Oslo, Rimini, Trieste, Athens, Bern, Antwerp, Copenhagen, Cologne, London, Maastricht and Vienna.

During the conferences, various workshops containing innovations and developments in coffee sector are held.

Championships / Events

World Championships

SCAE, together with SCAA, is the founder of 6 world championships for the competitors of the world. These championships, which are of great interest, are known as World Coffee Events (WCE).

  • World Barista Championship (WBC)
  • World Brewers Championship
  • World Cup Tasting Championship
  • World Latte Art Championship
  • World Cezve / Ibrik Championship
  • World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship

are the worldwide events organized by SCAE.

National Competitions

The national champions competing in the world championships within the World Coffee Events are defined in the national competitions organized by SCAE and SCAA.

Both national and international events aim to award the hard-working and skilled coffee masters, share the innovative knowledge and develop coffee excellence.